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Heroes of the Faith

The Rotunda of Witnesses, located in the Billy Graham Museum on the campus of Wheaton College, displays elaborate tapestries featuring notable representatives of Christianity. The individuals originally featured in the early 1980’s included the Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, Justin Martyr, Gregory the Great, St. Francis of Assisi, John Wycliffe, Blaise Pascal, Jonathan Edwards, and Oswald Chambers. John Sung, Festo Kivengere, and Pandita Ramabai have since joined their ranks.

During the 1983-84 academic year, nine Wheaton College professors each delivered a chapel message honoring the accomplishments of these heroes of the faith. Recordings of their talks are below.

Dr. Julius Scott speaks on the Apostle Paul
Dr. Arthur Rupprecht speaks on Justin Martyr
Dr. Thomas Kay speaks on Gregory the Great
Dr. Charles Weber speaks on St. Francis of Assissi
Dr. Dean Rapp speaks on John Wycliffe
Dr. Herbert Jacobsen speaks on Martin Luther, Pt. 1
Dr. Mark Noll speaks on Martin Luther, Pt. 2
Dr. Arthur Holmes speaks on Blaise Pascal
Dr. Mark Noll speaks on Jonathan Edwards
Dr. Donald Lake speaks on Oswald Chambers