A Third Testament, available on DVD

Malcolm Muggeridge (SC-04), British journalist, responded with keen sensitivity to pious thought couched in beautiful language, especially as he embraced the Christian faith in his later years. In 1974 he hosted a documentary series highlighting the spiritual contributions of six world-class authors: St. Augustine, Blaise Pascal, William Blake, Soren Kierkegaard, Leo Tolstoy and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Describing their work as a “third testament” (after the Old and New Testaments) testifying to the reality of God and the resurrected Christ, Muggeridge visited their countries, homes and haunts, attempting to capture something of the environment in which they flourished. Two years later he adapted the series into a book, each chapter profiling one of the featured authors.

Unavailable for many years, A Third Testament, a two-disc DVD containing six 55-minute episodes, is now available from Ignatius Press, http://www.ignatius.com or 1-800-651-1531.

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